Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Editorial Staff
5 months ago

ECAB Continues to Face Harsh Criticism; PM Browne said the Chairman Should Resign

A few months ago, ECAB customers were met with much frustration and lengthy queues in the scorching sun to conduct transactions.

Customers of the Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated Bank (ECAB) still face numerous issues two years after the bank took over Scotiabank’s Antigua and Barbuda operations.

Despite Finance Minister and Prime Minister Gaston Browne’s criticism of the bank’s slow response, the leadership has yet to address the ongoing problems satisfactorily.

ECAB’s customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the integration problems the bank has been experiencing for almost two years.

They are frustrated with transaction delays, out-of-service ATMs, poor customer service, and confusing international transfer processes. Many have voiced their concerns both on the streets and online.

Even PM Browne, who was once a staunch supporter of the bank, has turned into a critic due to the persistent poor service.

He has called for urgent changes and accountability from ECAB’s Board of Directors.

He specifically called out the Board Chairman, Craig Walter, for his alleged silence on the matter. Browne demanded Walter’s resignation or that an extraordinary meeting be held to demand it.

Browne believes that if ECAB’s leadership is not held accountable, they will continue to offer inferior banking services and treat people with contempt.

Despite efforts to contact ECAB’s management, there has been no comment from them on the matter.

However, it has been reported that an official statement will be released soon.

The PM also defended his government’s decision to support ECAB’s acquisition of Scotiabank, despite public interest from Trinidad and Tobago’s Republic Financial Holdings Limited (RFHL).

RFHL wanted to acquire Scotiabank, but the move fell through due to reported differences in valuation with the government.

Browne maintained that it was best for the country and its banking sector to scale up small and vulnerable banks to make them resilient against internal and external shocks.


  1. Mae

    PM Browne problems are with Craig Walter, not with the manager or ECAB operations. I have been banking with ECAB for years and I don’t have any of the problems mentioned in the article. I have siblings that bank with Scotia Bank, since the merger, they experience interrupted services for a short period; however, the service is now good.
    Because ECAB is not lending the Gaston Browne administration any money, he is doing everything to give the bank a bad name. Which banking institutions in the world that doesn’t have hiccup, especially when a merger acquisition taken place.
    ACB and RBC both merged together, are the PM saying that they don’t experience interruption in their services on and off??. I also has a savings account with ACB banking since I was a young teen.
    As of today I still having problems using ACB debit card for purchases or making payment online. Some establishment in Antigua card machines are having problems recognizing my ACB debit cards. Mr PM, leave Craig Walter alone, he is not resigning.

  2. Sad But True

    CRAIG WALTER is ok with shitty crappy service being dished out to customers under his watch??? The man appears to be a seat-warmer with NO REAL VALUE to the ecab Board and the operations of the bank itself. What a burning SHAME and DISGRACE!!! Observer carried the story of the TERRIBLE ECAB “service” and the CHAIRMAN CRAIG WALTER sits comfortably while ROme burns.

  3. Anonymous

    Ecab has the worst customer service in the nation -The management at the woods branch where Scotia was has no respect for the people who bank there


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