Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Captain Andre Martin Rescues Drowning Woman at Devil’s Bridge

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Captain Andre Martin displayed exceptional bravery and professionalism on a Wednesday morning when he and his crew rescued a woman who was struggling in the dangerous waters near Devil’s Bridge.

The incident occurred on December 20, 2023, and a video of the heroic rescue was recently shared with the media, resulting in widespread attention.

The woman in distress was a guest at a nearby hotel and found herself in a precarious situation in Devil’s Bridge’s rough waters.

Captain Andre Martin and his dedicated crew, including Gigi and Daniel, sprang into action without hesitation to prevent what could have been a tragic drowning.

Julia Lopez, a witness to the dramatic rescue, sent a heartfelt commendation to “our hero” Captain Andre Martin, expressing appreciation for the “experience of a lifetime” and praising the captain’s courage, strength, and professionalism.

The letter highlighted the crew’s seamless coordination in averting potential catastrophe and saving the woman’s life without causing additional injuries.

The commendation will be shared with everyone at The Verandah Antigua Resort and Monarc.ca to recognize Captain Andre Martin and his crew’s outstanding efforts. In response to the commendation, Captain Andre Martin expressed gratitude and humility.

He confirmed the woman’s rescue and expressed disbelief at recent events at Devil’s Bridge, saying that the woman was grateful and thankful to be alive.

The heroic rescue is a reminder of the significance of skilled and dedicated individuals like Captain Andre Martin and his crew in ensuring the safety of people enjoying the stunning waters surrounding Devil’s Bridge.


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