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1 month ago

Editorial Staff
1 month ago

Man gets 3 months imprisonment for cursing in court

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​By Zaya Williams

After being remanded to prison, a man could not control his anger, making a disrespectful outburst in court.

Court was just concluded but before the Magistrate could leave the room, Shimmal Percival  shouted, “I don’t care about jail. They lying on me. I don’t care about no judge, no jury. Y’all are a wicked set of people.”

His outburst included indecent language.

Magistrate Conliffe Clarke, having heard and observed his behavior, held him in contempt and sent him to prison for 3 months.

Percival was in court for allegedly stealing two Lasco fans and a speaker from Hanna Hourani between January 19 and 20 and  robbing a man at gunpoint on January 19 at approximately 7pm on Redcliffe Street, taking his phone and cash.

He  pleaded not guilty to the larceny charge, but could not enter a plea for the robbery as it is an indictable charge that requires a committal hearing.

The court scheduled a date for trial and committal, and Percival was then remanded after a debate between prosecution and a defence attorney representing the accused just for the purpose of bail.

The court heard that Percival has a long list of priors.

He was therefore remanded to prison and immediately expressed his displeasure in the form of a rude outburst.

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  1. Paula

    It seems that the prison is full of mentally disturbed young men.


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